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© J.Lamar  Hicks PhotoID# 13336332: young rider- jumper- clean score equestrian        slide show (282)
Photos included are jumping,racing,standing,unruly and general photos

© J.Lamar  Hicks PhotoID# 13354900: male wood duck-dip bath/ feathers        slide show (506)
Various birds, hummingbirds,wading birds, ducks, common, and birds of prey

© J.Lamar  Hicks PhotoID# 12498718: Butterfly-nectar check Macro,Unique,        slide show (136)
Photos include-insects,small creatures,unusual and everyday photos

© J.Lamar  Hicks PhotoID# 12491035: Fall-mtn lake Scenic Views        slide show (90)
Photos include-landscapes, lakes, flowers

© J.Lamar  Hicks PhotoID# 12490920: Deer - winter forage Wildlife        slide show (118)
Include's-whitetail deer,various creature's in nature

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